Gibberish and Rubbish

Just saw Antonio Banderas playing the role of a writer in a movie (actually I only saw a short sequence from it), so my mind bent over this blog. Questions arose. What am I doing here? How often do I write? How come that here are so few posts posted on a random basis, with a random frequency? A blogger should write, or should display its own work, no matter if it consists of photos, texts, music or videos… Although I fill up hundreds of folders with thousands of pictures, I find it difficult to display them here. Although I read on a daily basis, and write accordingly, I find it difficult to post my thoughts as they are written down the paper (the virtual one). From time to time I post some gibberish, which reminds me of Pink Floyd‘s Money. Oh, no, not Money, it’s Another Brick in the Wall, where the Teacher (Alex McAvoy) is reading from Pink‘s little black book some of the lyrics from Money:

„Money, get back / I’m all right, Jack / Keep your hands off my stack / New car / Caviar / Four-star daydream / Think I’ll buy me a football team.”

I was a bit confused about the gibberish, which, in fact, is „rubbish„:

Teacher: Absolute rubbish, laddie.

According to one’s mood, The Wall is the best Pink Floyd album. Also depending on mood, the other best Pink Floyd album (the great debate!) is The Dark Side of the Moon. So there are two contestants for Number One. If you are in a „fighting the system” mood, then The Wall is for you. If you are in a melancholic mood, then you will put the DSOTM on top.
Antonio Banderas opened this post, and Pink Floyd is closing it. Well, not quite yet. I have to find the movie Banderas is starring in. Looking for „Antonio Banderas movie writer„, I came across Black Butterfly (2017). I shall watch it (probably) on HBO GO. If you already watched it, you might want to share your thoughts with us! Now I’ll end it with Banderas as I started it…

Some Cities, Some People

Cities are shaped according to the shape of the rivers (or lakes) they are built along. At least some of them!

I wonder what is the main factor that shapes people? People as human beings, not people as living creatures.

Danube River, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania (a view from the Serbian river bank)

Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

Isar River, Munchen, Germany

Salzach River, Salzburg, Austria

Salzach River, Salzburg, Austria

Danube River, Vienna, Austria

River Seine, Paris, France

River Seine, Paris, France

Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

Rhine River, Strasbourg, France

Jiu River, Tirgu Jiu, Romania

River Thames, London, England

Danube River, Passau, Germany

Aare River, Interlaken, Switzerland

Leman (aka Geneva) Lake, Lausanne, Switzerland

River Seine, Paris, France

Moselle River, Metz, France

East River, New York, NY

Hudson River, New York, NY

Danube River, Belgrade, Serbia

River Thames, London, England

Leman (aka Geneva) Lake, Lausanne, Switzerland


"Am ajuns acasa cu inima bucati, dar mintea intreaga." Cititi motivul pe Juli's Thoughts!

Juli`s thoughts

A fost o vreme cand am facut tampenii, pe romaneste, psihologic, bad choice. O vreme in care as fi vrut sa schimb totul pe plan personal, profesional, credeam ca am o viata plina de compromisuri, o viata care ma schimbase atat de mult incat nu ma mai identificam cu cine stiam, credeam ca sunt. Am inceput sa admir stilul de viata al altora si mi-as fi dorit acelasi lucru: distractie, relatii superficiale, fara planuri, doar ,,traieste clipa”. Un stil de viata la 180 de grade fata de ceea ce era rutina mea. Am inceput sa urasc rutinele si sa fiu impulsiva, atunci credeam ca sunt spontana si nici macar nu observam disperarea, singuratatea, stima de sine lipsa, traiam clipa fara sa realizez ca acea clipa ma costa mai mult decat un compromis personal, era unul cu viata. Un compromis care te costa emotional pana la lipsa emotiilor, la cinism. O…

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Too Far Gone (Tiamat)

I am listening Judas Christ, one of the albums of the Swedish metal band called Tiamat. Around the time the album was about to reach its end, the very first line of a song (later I read that it is Too Far Gone, the very last on this album) has drawn my attention:

I’ve been through all of this a million times before


I was wondering where I’ve been, or what I’ve done so many times… A few things passed my brain as fast as a bullet, yet I was curious about what they were singing about. Well, „like a bullet love the gun” (speaking of bullets) are the words that are ending Too Far Gone

Wondering what this song is about I did something which usually I am not able to do without a bit of an effort: to follow the lines. My soul and my mind are captured by the sounds, rather than the lines, yet sometimes a word or a line stick to my memory even after the song was long gone. When it hits me again, I try to follow the lines along with the sound of music, and many, many times I find great meanings behind those lyrics.

Reading the lyrics of Too Far Gone, mistakes that we did, or things that we done without thinking about the consequences are reaching us and made us think about what have we done. Was it right or was it wrong? Was it worth the waste of time of energy involved in our actions or even lack of action? Sometime in the future the consequences of our actions will eventually hit us one way or another. Reflection or future actions will make us evaluate the consequences. Maybe our past actions that brought everything down around will come to light and we shall realize that we should treat people better, or maybe people around us should behave in order to be respected. Who knows? I bet you are not about to believe it!

Coming back to Tiamat, I use to search Encyclopaedia Metallum for info about metal bands, so you already can click on the bands’ name along this post, and the link will lead you to those Metal Archives (the actual link of the Encyclopaedia Metallum). There you will find the discography along with other useful info.Since I do not use a certain social media website, I shall not include a link to the band’s page on that particular site (the band doesn’t own a personalized website).

When I speak about music, you shouldn’t mind me too much, because I do not have an ear for music! The music simply steals myself and put me on a cloud driven by the winds, sometimes soft, other times really stormy.

And in order to end my post (eventually everything must come to an end), I shall add one more link. Does Tiamat sounds familiar to you as a name?

In Babylonian myths, Tiamat is a huge, bloated female dragon that personifies the saltwater ocean, the water of Chaos. She is also the primordial mother of all that exists, including the gods themselves.

Encyclopedia Mythica

And now lets listen to the music (and the lyrics)!



Image source

Miercuri | Wednesday

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Toata ziua am trait cu impresia ca este sambata ori duminica. Trezitul spre pranz (asta e chiar un avantaj datorat turelor), o plimbare la vecinii sarbi, o apostrofare gratuita, dar enervanta, a unui cocalar in vama, care se pare ca nu cunoaste rolul politistilor de frontiera, apoi stilul de condus aparte al automobilistilor de pe drumurile patriei…

Cum se poate ca la vecinii sarbi, al caror sange clocoteste atunci cand e nevoie, sa se simta o atmosfera relaxanta, iar la trecerea inapoi a granitei infratite, nivelul de stres sa se ridice la nivelul necesar tinerii lui in frau cu medicatie? Sunt sigur ca ei stiu ce inseamna cu adevarat libertatea. Poate pentru ca ei au trait liberi chiar si in comunism, iar noi nu am stiut ce sa facem cu ea cand ne-a lovit brusc dupa ’89. Acea libertate controlata, acea libertate dirijata. Nu sunt adeptul teoriei conspiratiei, dar datorita felului nostru de a ne comporta, am ajutat la crearea unei atmosfere demne de teoria conspiratiei…

Am auzit ca azi este miercuri. Miercuri!

19 iulie 2017


Saturday or Sunday. Right?! No? Well, I had this feeling all day long! Waking up at noon (an advantage of working in shifts), a leisure trip over the Danube, to the fellows Serbians, a free annoying poke from a jerk at the customs, probably because the jerk has no idea about a policeman’s duties and responsibilities, then the peculiar driving style of the ones from my country’s roads…

How is it possible to feel a relaxing atmosphere while roaming the streets of our Serbian neighbours, whose blood is boiling when it should, while crossing the state border back home, the stress level is suddenly increasing above the safety level, so pills are needed? I bet they really know what freedom means. Maybe because they lived as free people even during the communism, and we (the Romanians) did not know what to do with it when it hit us hard right after December 1989. That controlled liberty, that directed liberty. I am not a fan of conspiracy theory, yet due to our behaviour, we’ve helped to the creation of such a theory.

I’ve heard that today is Wednesday. Wednesday!

July 19th, 2017

Vedere spre Romania de pe malul sarbesc al Dunarii | A view of Romania from Serbia (across the Danube)


Protecting Culture °

The other day I was chasing a rainbow. An arch here, a bow there, but the entire rainbow fail to to fit the size of my phone’s camera. A panorama could be the answer, the solution for a complete rainbow. I am glad I chose this option. Here are a few arches, and the complete rainbow at the very end.
And now what about the title? Why this title? Because the building captured is the one of „Theodor Costescu” Cultural Palace in my hometown. Therefore the title.

Doesn’t it look like one of those gift/snow glass balls?

Fragile State

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Via euronews: Ukraine exhibition explores our „fragile state”.

Una dintre secventele descoperite in prezentarea acestei expozitii internationale m-a trimis direct la filmul regizat de David Mackenzie, Perfect Sense, film ce ii are in distributie pe Eva Green si pe Ewan McGregor.

Un bucatar si o cercetatoare se indragostesc in timp ce o epidemie ii lasa pe oameni fara simturi. (IMDB)


Via euronews: Ukraine exhibition explores our „fragile state”.

One of the scenes at this international exhibition sent me straight to the Perfect Sense, directed by David Mackenzie, starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor.

A chef and a scientist fall in love as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions. (IMDB)